Carbon Initiative Forum uses internationally recognized sources for its emission factors. These sources include the following:

  1. India GHG Protocol
  2. DEFRA
  3. IPCC
  4. US EPA
  5. IEA
  6. CalRecycle

These sources of emissions factors are usually collected from the India GHG Protocol Page and EmissionFactors.com

Carbon Initiative Forum uses the internationally recognized GHG Protocol Standards for calculation of all GHG Emissions.

Carbon Initiative Forum categorizes flight emissions into three different distance brackets: “Short Haul”, “Medium Haul” and “Long Haul”. We have considered the distance for short haul flights to be all flights below 785 km. Medium haul flights distance are 785 to 3700 km, while any flight distance above 3700 km is considered to be a long haul flight.

Emissions are calculated using type of distance travelled multiplied by the relevant emission factor. We also apply a radiative forcing index (RFI) of 2 to account for atmospheric greenhouse effects caused by air travel other than direct CO2emissions from fuels. This includes contrails, water vapour, NOx emissions, etc.

Carbon Initiative Forum uses the GHG Protocol for all emission calculations. We have provided elaborate options for various sources of transportation under public transport, individual car transport, motorcycle, auto rickshaws and distance based flight travel. Our calculator provides the option of both distance based and fuel based GHG Emission calculations for a comprehensive and flexible emission calculation.

– Carbon Initiative Forum uses average emission factors of different class of hotels (i.e. 5 star, 3 star, etc.) to provide an estimated GHG emissions for hotel night stay.

– Carbon Initiative Forum calculate GHG Emissions from wastes in our Carbon Calculator. We have provided elaborate options for various sources of Waste which include both organic and inorganic waste.

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