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Knowledge is power!

At Carbon Initiative Forum we believe that the youth empowered by the how’s and what’s of climate change and climate policies at large can make a significant difference. India has over 220 million people in the age group of 15 – 24 years, imagine what change they could bring about if only they were well informed. Carbon Initiative Forum is a non-profit that focuses on just that and serves as a collective and a large-scale platform to educate yourself about climate issues as well as then ask the right questions to the right people. Our vision is to make climate education a compulsory curriculum for all levels of education in the country.

Our outreach

How we plan to engage

The initial phase of this movement features the main metropolitan cities, such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore, Pune and Chennai at some of the best academic institutions in the country.

Through nationally and globally renowned climate spokespersons and representatives, who have created a meaningful impact through their work, we would be reaching out with relevant and current knowledge about the global climate crisis.

The outreach

The Initiative is currently in an early phase of its lifespan – the Pilot stage. Numbers expected to increase as the initiative gains momentum!


*For transparency purposes, all annual financials will be displayed on this website

Donations by corporates

Businesses driven by youth can make a significant collective impact. Your employees will appreciate your thoughtfulness towards the planet. Write to us at contact@carboninitiativeforum.org for more details on how you can donate to our cause.

Donations by individuals

If you are passionate about saving the planet, the best way would be to make changes to your life. Second best is to donate and join our “Change Makers Movement”. Click on the Individual - Donate Now tab to redirect to our payment page.

What you donate for

• Town hall sessions with the youth
• Digital presence
• Outreach events
• Maintenance of the platform
• Sustain its growth and expansion
• Climate Club volunteering activities

Get in touch

For any other queries you can write to us at contact@carboninitiativeforum.org and we will be happy to assist you.