Join Captain Planet’s Climate Club

Be the change, to see change
Raise your voice – not the sea level

Volunteer for the climate-change awareness and dialogue movement and become our Climate Ambassador!

Share your creations with us discussing or representing your ideas on climate change and positive action to abate it. Send us your blog posts, quirky graphical tales, photography, video &/or animation content, or present to us any other way we can make people aware of the climate crisis, the need and ways for action. Anything climate change!

How you can engage

  1. Through Videos & Series
  2. Through Blog Posts & Articles / Graphical Tales
  3. By Volunteering – You can make a difference by contributing individually in a myriad ways. Write briefly about how you think you can contribute:

  1. By joining Action & You – Mobilise activities with others. Become a Climate Ambassador and join the #ClimateClub. Reach out and influence more people to take up activities that help the climate and tackle global warming. Claim certificates or earn credits for engaging and taking action against climate change. Earn ranks based on your contribution. Get a #ChangemakerChampion badge and level up as the forerunners of the movement.

Corporate /Employee
Volunteering Program

Involve your company and your colleagues – become a company ambassador to lead climate awareness amongst your colleagues. Help them further create awareness among those they can. Mobilise peoples support for climate policy – contribute to making the climate future stable.


Volunteering Program

Become a student ambassador to create awareness and mobilise others to do the same. Involve your college too in the movement. Support climate policy and compulsory climate education– help make the climate future stable.
Become the climate reality leader.


Why join the movement?

The Carbon Initiative Forum and the Climate Club give you an opportunity to be involved in a global cause. You are wanted to help create awareness about the issue of climate change, related policies and everything affected by it. Join the #CIFClimateClub by becoming a climate ambassador at your college or organization and get the movement racing. Reach out and influence as many people as you can to spread awareness so that they can be more aware and empowered going forward.
Help the climate and tackle global warming through awareness. Support and drive policy for climate action as well as compulsory climate education in schools and colleges. Let’s create informed decision makers of the future.

The reward?

You can claim certificates, earn credits or goodies for engaging and taking action against climate change as a token of appreciation. You would also get ranks based on your contribution along with a #ChangeMakerChampion badge for levelling up as the forerunner of the movement.
But more importantly you would get the greater satisfaction of doing your best to solve a worldwide problem threatening lives and livelihoods of the vulnerable. For individual or employee volunteering programs write to us at and let’s get the movement racing!

#BeTheChangeToSeeChange #Engage4Climate #BuildBackBetter